Little Britches Rodeo Queen Information

Interested in having a Queen Contest – you may wonder-

  • What do queen candidates do?
  • Who can be a queen candidate?
  • What are the requirements of the girls running for queen?
  • How will a queen contest benefit our town?

Hopefully, this will help explain how a queen contest can benefit your town as well as promote the rodeo itself.

Queen Candidates for each town represent the town in which they are running for queen. In doing so the candidates-

  • Sell tickets
  • Ride in parades that may be prior to your rodeo
  • Attend events such as fairs and shows to sell tickets
  • Have a general knowledge of rodeo
  • Show sportsmanship
  • Be a good example that represents the sport as well as the cowboys and cowgirls that participate.

Tickets sales:

  • Will produce revenue for your rodeo
  • The more tickets sold the more spectators
  • Spectators increase concession sales
  • If you have 5 queen candidates and each candidate starts out with 500 tickets to sell; the tickets are two dollars apiece. That is and additional $5,000 for your town.

Who can be e a queen candidate?

  • Any cowgirl between the ages of 6 and 18 as of January 1 is eligible to be a queen candidate.
  • She must participate in at least one rodeo event.

How are the candidates judged?

  • Candidates are judged in three categories; ticket sales, horsemanship, and poise and personality.
  • As a sponsor your job here is to have judges for each category.
  • Provide awards for each category as well as Queen prizes.  Each category is factored with a formula that has been used for many years.   Here is an example for horsemanship:   A perfect score is 70. There are 7 categories being judged worth 10 points each. Add the scores up and divide by the number of categories then multiply by .40.  EX: Take a total score of 48.  48 divided by 70= .6857 x .40= .2743


  • In holding a queen contest, the town generally has a banquet on the Friday before or a breakfast on Saturday morning.
  • The banquet is held so the candidates can meet, turn in their tickets, relax a bit, and give a speech on why they would like to be queen, what events they participate in in school etc.
  • Poise and personality is judged during the banquet; allowing the judges to see the candidates mingle, present their speech, and ask a few questions.

Click HERE for information on running for Amherst Little Britches Rodeo Queen. New updated format.

Contact Information:

How to get started with a queen contest-contact:
Jenny Blenker
4191 County Road T
Amherst, Wi 54406
Bridget Gagas