LBW Finals Rodeo 2018-Amherst

August 18th-19th, 2018
2018 LBW Finals
• Top 20 cumulative point earners in each event are eligible to ride in the LBW finals on Sunday, 8/18/2018
• If there are ties (two contestants with the same number of points) in places 1-19, that tie takes up two slots for the finals- example: two contestants are sitting in 3rd place with 152 points- those contestants will take up the third and fourth place slots in the finals on Sunday.
• If there is a tie for 20th place, both contestants will be invited to ride in the finals on Sunday.
• Contestant must have met fundraising criteria (turned in 120 raffle tickets with money by check in(10:00AM) on Saturday, 8/18/2018) to be eligible for qualifier jacket and year end awards.
• Standings will be posted as soon as possible after Saturday’s performance
• Top 20 can check in between 8:00-8:30PM on Saturday, 8/18/2018
• If a contestant is not at AMHERST, he/she may call in for check in (call Michelle Rud 715-495-2811 or Tanya Crawford 715-495-4286) between 7:00-8:00PM on Saturday, 8/18/2018
• If any top 20 contestant chooses NOT to ride in the finals, roll-ups will be offered to contestants placing 21st and beyond.
• If any top 20 contestant chooses NOT to ride in the finals, he/she will not receive the qualifier jacket.
• All contestants riding in the finals on 8/19/2018 will attend the contestant meeting at 10:00 on Sunday, 8/19/2018
• LBW Finals Rodeo will start at 11:00 AM on Sunday, 8/19/2018